Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Something You've Been Putting Off: Response

This is the new prompt at Charmed I'm Sure. I'm sitting here wracking my brains trying to figure out exactly what I've been putting off. I guess I've been putting off the actual cleaning and cleansing of my house, waiting to move in. I could in all reality go over there right now and sweep the floors, lug water over there to mop the floors, straighten up my bedroom, bring the sheets over to Mom's and wash them, cleanse the bed, and start putting things away, that way I'll have less to do when I do get hooked up to electricity.

You know what, now that I'm writing about it, that is definitely something I've been putting off. I could go over there tomorrow (in the daylight) and rearrange furniture, unpack everything and put it away, throw away what needs to be thrown away (like the bread that some how got left in there which is probably really bad by now... I wonder if you can put bread in a compost pile?), go through the clothes and such that are in there and see what needs to go to Good Will, and then I could go out to my little brother's shop where stuff is being stored and see what can be given away, got rid of in some way. These are things I can definitely do, I've just been putting them off with the excuse of waiting for the house to be hooked up to electricity. The cleansing ritual will have to wait until I have electricity because even though it's okay for me to clear out the clutter, my house feels differently energy wise when it's hooked up to electricity than it does when it's not, so I want to wait for it to be complete before cleansing it.

So, tomorrow after I get back from taking Mom to the doctor, I will work with what daylight I have and continue working until I can't see. Then I'll bring in the stuff from the shop and work on that here in Mom's house.