Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goals: My Response Cont.

I promised I would work on more goals this week, and here are a couple of them.

1. I want to be more eco-conscious and friendly.

This means that I'll be trying to recycle. We don't have a place to recycle here in town... for a drop off place I would have to go all the way to Lubbock which is an hour away and most drop off places in Lubbock are only open to Lubbock residents, but I've contacted a place called Green Queens that offers a curbside service in Levelland (15 miles away) and Lubbock (45+ miles away) and asked them if they wouldn't mind setting up a drop off site in Levelland. I'm in Levelland almost every day and that would be perfect if I'm able to set up something with them.

As I've stated before, I am installing a bamboo toilet seat (I know there's not a whole lot of benefits from that, other than the fact that I'm using a more sustainable medium for my toilet seat lol), and I've installed a low-flow eco-friendly shower head, which slows the amount of water that comes out of your shower. The one I installed says it takes the flow down to 2 gallons of water per minute.

I've been looking into getting a tankless water heater for the house, but I have to confess that that one had nothing to do with the environmental pluses it offers, but the fact that I'll be able to take a shower longer than 2 minutes (and yes that's exactly how long I get out of the water heater during the winter... summer gives me about 7 minutes).

I already own a combination washer and dryer (not the stacked unit but the all in one unit) that is HE. It uses way less water than a normal washer, a TBSP of laundry soap and a TBSP of softener, and the dryer dries the clothes really well, and doesn't even create lint. Plus the entire unit runs off 110v electricity instead of the typical 220v, which means it uses less electricity than a traditional washer and dryer.

And the big one, I'm starting my own compost pile! Tomorrow I plan on picking up a compost bin for in the kitchen. And when I have a chance, I'm gonna pick out a good place to start the pile. I'll break up the dirt a little bit, then start laying on layers! I'm very excited to start composting. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but never knew where to start. Thankfully Dad is being pretty supportive, and he even had some knowledge about composting, so he's working with me which is really helpful.

By working on these things, it helps me become closer with Mother Nature, which in turn will help with my magick. It works like this: If someone is constantly taking from you and never giving anything back, are you really all that willing to help them again? Mother Nature is more patient that we humans, but I've noticed that as long as I'm trying my best to help her out, she rewards me. When I'm not trying at all, she gets a little frustrated lol. There was one time that I threw out a McDonalds bag on the road, and for a week after that nothing went right, mundanely or magickally.

2. I vow to keep my home clutter free.

This means that as soon as the electricity is hooked up, I will be going through everything I own and getting rid of things that don't make me 100% happy. I will also be doing a complete magickal cleansing of my home from top to bottom, corner to corner. After I get my home exactly where I want it to be, I plan on picking things up as I go along, so that trash doesn't pile up, because I admit I'm horrible about having little rat's nests of trash packed all over the house, especially on the night stand and around the house. I don't notice it until it gets bad, which in itself is bad. So I'm going to try to force myself to start throwing things in the recycling and trash and compost bin when necessary. I will also have one day a week for thorough cleaning and magickal cleansing. That's the plan... I'm sure I'll have to get a dry erase board and stick it on the fridge to remind me of these things, but I'm gonna do it!

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