About Me:

I am a 20 something single woman. I live in a 400 sq. ft. house that looks like a log cabin. I have 2 dogs, both of them pitbulls and they are my pride and joy, some of the best dogs I have ever had the honor to share my life with. At the time of writing this about me page, I am in the process of getting licensed for the foster to adopt program through my home state of Texas. Once I am licensed I will have a child placed with me to foster, and once the child becomes available to adopt I will have the chance to adopt them. I am also a licensed Nail Tech. I work with my mom in our salon here in town. I also live directly across the street from my parents.

About My Beliefs:

I am Pagan, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful and flexible religion. I consider myself an eclectic green witch, but I don't really like placing labels on myself. They haven't really made a ca that accurately describes the way I work as a witch, and the way I work as a daughter of the God and Goddess. My base beliefs are in Wicca, but I am not ceremonial enough to call myself a Wiccan. While elaborate ceremonies do have their place, I prefer to work by intuition and work magick whenever I need or feel like it. This usually works out quite well for me. I believe nature and life are sacred. I believe that the God and Goddess are without and within me, and I walk and talk with them daily. It was actually my belief in the beautiful cycles of the God and Goddesses' love that brought me to adoption.

About the Blog:

This blog is part journal, part BOS, and part social network for me. I like to write about what is going on in my life, my beliefs, spells, some rituals that I write, and much more. I will share what I've learned about the adoption process and offer resources for those of you interested in it. As time goes by, I hope to also join the ranks of Pagan parents, and will share my ideas and reviews of Pagan products for parents and children.

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