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A Lesson in Chakras

I'm reading Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, and I've learned a little more about chakras than I did before. Of course, when I first started my journey into the twisty roads of witchy craft, I did a little studying on chakras as well. That came from the fact that the only place I had to get books on witchcraft was Hastings or Barnes and Noble and B&N was not really that close to us. So I would happily browse the occult section in Hastings, finding one book after another that I told myself I wanted to read someday, and never really getting around to it. However, I did get around to reading a Chakras for Beginners book and I was hooked. So, when I started my journey to bettering myself and getting the discord of my life under control, one of the first places I started was with my chakras.

Now, I don't know how much you guys know about chakras, but I've always found it's best to start with at least the basics when I talk about stuff like this, so you don't feel like you're completely left in the dark, scratching your head and going "HUH?!" So here's a little basic chakra lesson, so you'll know what in the heck I'm talking about lol. Chakras are little balls of light located in several parts of your body. Some people see them in different ways. They might look like a literal ball, flower, fan, star, whatever, but the one thing they always do is spin in a clockwise motion. The picture below shows the general colors of the chakras.


I like to start from the 7th chakra and work my way down, but a lot of people start from the first chakra and work their way up. We'll go with my way, but just like everything else in the craft, find your own way of doing it, that's the best way! Okay, the 7th chakra is also called the crown chakra. As you can tell it is purple in color. Now, Doreen Virtue says when it is healthy it is a very clear purple with almost like shootings of stars coming off it, when it is unhealthy it is almost the color of the night sky. It should be spinning at a fairly high speed. Everyone will see it a little differently, but remember it is most important that it is spinning at a healthy speed, clean of any dark spots, and not shrunken or grossly enlarged. When mine is healthy it's a pretty neat looking violet color that's very hard to describe. Right now, mine is a little dark and quite a bit shrunken, which tells me that I've been questioning my connection to the Goddess. That's how the crown chakra works ... it is your internal connection to the divine. If you question your faith, your connection to deity, or if you question your personal power it will shrink. If you are obsessed with being close with deity, or obsessed with power it enlarges. Now it's generally good to have large chakras, this means you are well balanced, but you don't want them grossly enlarged, and you don't want one bigger than the others, because this causes imbalances.

Next we move on to the 6th chakra. This one is known as your third eye chakra and is positioned on your forehead, a little higher than your eyes, and right smack dab in between them. Doreen Virtue says this chakra is dark blue in color. It controls things like your psychic abilities (which is kind of obvious since it is located where your third eye is), but it also controls things like how you see your past, and your willingness to see the things that "aren't there". Just like with the 7th aka crown chakra, this one will shrink when you question your intuition, fear seeing things that aren't there, or hold on to negative things from the past. It will enlarge if you obsess over those same things, like trying to force yourself to become psychic, trying to force yourself to see ghosts, and so on. This one, like all of them should spin in a clockwise motion. A healthy third eye chakra will be indigo blue, with a clear center, and shoots of the pretty purple from your 7th chakra. Again, everyone will see it a little differently, just remember it should be spinning at a medium fast speed, and be a healthy size. You know what it looks like when your feet are swollen, use that as a way to measure whether your chakras are swollen or shrunken.

Next is the 5th chakra or the throat chakra. This guy controls your speech, the way you express yourself verbally, and your creativity. The health of your throat, ears, nose, and lungs are controlled in certain degrees by this chakra as well. It is light blue in color, spinning slightly slower than your 6th chakra when healthy, and should have a clear center with shoots of the indigo blue from the 6th chakra. As with the other chakras, a shrunken one indicates doubt or illness, and an enlarged one indicates obsession of some kind. Maybe you're obsessed with the sound of your own voice, causing it to enlarge, or maybe you doubt your ability to fully explain something, causing it to shrink.

Next the 4th chakra also known as the heart chakra. The guy is either green or pink in color. Doreen Virtue says this one, if green is a gorgeous emerald green, clear in the center with shoots of the light blue from the 5th chakra, but I've always seen mine as a beautiful mossy green. Maybe I should work on seeing the color Doreen has mentioned, maybe that will change things. Perhaps I have been limiting myself by seeing that color. I will try the emerald green color and see if any changes happen. If not, I'll continue with my color. The pink is a weird shade to describe. Its very vibrant, but not hot flashy pink, again clear in the middle with shoots of color from the 5th chakra. This one handles things like giving and receiving love (romantic, familial, friend, etc.), self love, the way you attach yourself to people, your ability to forgive, and your ability to clearly feel your feelings and others. This one can be knocked off balance by many things, such as not forgiving someone for whatever wrong you received from them, obsessing over your "popularity" for lack of a better word, feeling disconnected from friends and family, and so much more. I believe I'll do a post on each chakra by itself so we can spend a little time learning more about each one. For now, this one should be spinning slightly slower than the 5th chakra, and of course should be the same size.

On to the 3rd chakra, called the solar plexus chakra. This one is yellow in color and is located between your solar plexus and your belly button. A clean one will be the color of sunshine, although mine has usually always been a pretty mix of sunshiney, buttery yellow. It should have a clear center like all the others. This guy deals with problems with power and control. Obsessed with power or control it will enlarge, doubt your own power or control and it will shrink. It should be moving slightly slower than the 4th chakra.

The 2nd chakra is called the sacral chakra and on me is located directly behind the belly button. Some people see the 3rd chakra directly behind the belly button and the 2nd chakra just a little lower than that, but not on the pelvic area. See it on yourself, and don't question it. This chakra is orange in color, and like all the others should be a brilliant color, with a clear center. It should be spinning slightly slower than the 3rd chakra. This guy handles things like cravings, addictions, and the things your body actually needs like sleep, health, and so on. How you see yourself affects this chakra as well. Again, obsession enlarges, doubt shrinks.

And located in the pelvic area or lower is the 1st chakra. This is called the root chakra and is a gorgeous color of red when healthy. This one handles your issues of physical security such as finances, career, home, physical safety, needs, and possessions. This one is the slowest spinning of them all. Enlarged means your obsessed with something this chakra deals with, i.e. money, your job, buying a house, etc., and shrunken means you have doubts about things this chakra deals with, i.e. not being able to own your home, losing your home, losing your job, not being able to find a job, not enough money, etc.

As you can see, lots of things can knock these guys out of balance. Regular cleaning of them, just like the regular cleaning of your body, helps keep things in balance. I fell out of that habit, and now have to recreate that habit. There are lots of things a person can do to keep themselves in balance. Meditation is the main one, but certain tones can help clear the chakras and heal them as well. We'll go over those at a later date. But for now, if you would like to work on your chakras along with me, visualize them one at a time, either top to bottom or bottom to top. Watch the one you start with spin. What color is it? Is it brilliant, shining, clear in the center, and well balanced? If not, spend a little bit of time getting it in tip top shape, then move on to the next. Do this with all 7 chakras, then once you've reached the last one of your circuit, mentally step back and watch them all at work. After that, slowly step yourself back out of your visualization and know that all things are balanced. Feel the comforting energy flow through you. Do this every morning and evening for a week and chart how you feel, beginning to end of the week. Tell me you don't see a noticeable difference!

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