Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preparing For a Child

There are thousands of preparations going on here at my tiny house. Not only am I physically preparing my home for a toddler, but I'm planning magickal preparations for the new addition as well. A lot of adoptive parents prepare the child's bedroom or nursery, as well as several things around the home, such as childproofing cabinets and plug-ins, they do their best to prepare their pets for the changes, they discuss changes with their extended families, and they prepare themselves as best as they can. For Pagans that are adopting there are other things you may like to consider as well.

When preparing your potential child's room, think about doing a cleansing while preparing the room. While doing the cleansing think about asking for good health for anyone staying in the room and keeping illness at bay. Ask for the room to be infused with happiness, joy, and comfort. This is especially important for children that are being adopting from foster care. These children will need all the health, happiness, joy, and comfort they can get.

A lot of times we periodically do cleansings like this on our homes in general, but it's a really good idea to do this on the child's room once a week until the child is placed with you. Because the room is set aside for the child, no activity will happen in there, except for you adding things for your child, while at other times it will sit empty until the child is placed with you. In my case, once I move into my loft, the child's room will remain empty, except for me adding things to the room like decorations, and such, until my child is placed with me, and the door will remain closed, unless I am in there, to keep my dogs out of there.

When a room is essentially "closed off" from the rest of the house, the energy becomes stagnant. This is why it is a good idea to do your cleansing once a week until your child is placed with you. After your child is placed with you, you will be able to sense when the room will need a touch up. You should also take this time to do a deep cleansing and blessing on the entire home, and do so as often as needed to keep the energy flowing in a healthy, happy way. This is a good way of keeping yourself busy while either waiting for a placement, or even from the very beginning of the process.

Other magickal workings could include writing a spell to help the process along. This process can feel as if it is dragging by, and sometimes you may feel as if you will never get to the end point of the process. Doing a spell to help speed the process is a good idea. Depending on where you live, if you are adopting through foster care, this process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year or longer. I just recently started the process, and I'm about halfway through. Tomorrow I am being fingerprinted which is an essential part of the process, and I am also having a TB test, yet another essential part of the process. What takes the longest is not the paperwork if you are "homework" oriented like I am, but the classes. They are scheduled to happen at certain times, and you cannot race through them.

By doing a spell to speed the process up, you may be able to create an environment where you're classes happen in quick succession. My first class was my CPR class which was last Thursday. My second class will be my SAMA training (which is a behavioral intervention class and teaches you ways to defend yourself from a child acting out violently without harming them) and I will be taking that class this coming Thursday. After that is my psychotropic drugs class, which is taken online, and I will be given the link for it after my SAMA class. The biggest obstacle I have run into is my PRIDE class. The director at the Lubbock Buckner agency has said he is willing to work with me on those classes one on one, but it is suggested that I take the group class, because the people in that class will essentially become my support group after the class.

Now I fully understand the need for continued support, especially from people going through the same thing, so I would normally be all in for the group class. The problem is there is no group class scheduled until the end of July. That would put me becoming a licensed foster/adopt home around September. So what is a person to do. I would like the group class because I would love to have that support group after all this, however just like any normal person who is excited for something to happen, I want to be a licensed foster/adopt home as soon as possible as well. My director told me there is hope of getting a group class started sometime soon because he has had a few phone calls from others interested in the same program, so the witch in me instantly perked up. I can do a spell that will help give a little boost to people's interest, at least enough to get a class started sooner. Then I have a chance of being licensed by early August. This is something you may like to consider as well. Spells to obliterate obstacles will come in very handy.

You may also wish to write a spell to help bring the ideal child to you. After becoming licensed a child can be placed with you as soon as a month after licensing, sometimes potential families get calls before becoming licensed, and at other times it could take longer. If you have an idea of the kind of child you would like to adopt, not only will they ask you that in some of your paperwork to be able to keep on file, you can also list that within the universe. This will help keep things straight, speed things up, and keep you from digging through pile after pile of potential children. The spell will help bring exactly what you ask for. But just like with any other spell, be careful of being too vague. They will tell you at the agency you are working with not to restrict things too much with them, because that will make it harder for them to find a child to place with you. Spells don't work that way though. The more vague you are with your spell, the more dreck you will have to dig through. You may get thousands of potential children, but they may be nothing like what you are looking for. Sit down and write down exactly what you would like in a child. This could include key points about their personality, things they've been through, what they might look like, medical issues, and more. Just remember to be very specific with your spell.

There are many more magickal things we can do to prepare. But to keep this post from being too long, or boring you to the point of tears my friends, I will end this post now. Soon I will write specific posts for child finding spells, speeding up the process spells, and one very important spell, magickally preparing yourself.

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