Friday, March 2, 2012

Start Over

I haven't posted in a little while. Haven't really had that much to say. But today, I wanted to share with my blogging friends. I have things almost pretty much set up the way I want them here at home. I still need to get the fence built, and still need to get my day bed in here instead of the couch, but things are working out in their own ways.

I've been mainly focusing on myself during all of this. I've decided I want to learn a little about voodoo/hoodoo, and I've read a little on the subject and am enjoying what I'm learning so far. Also, I've been part of Weight Watchers online for quite a while, since Yule, and I realized I've not lost near the weight I should have in the few months I've been on the plan. That's because I followed it for a while, then just fell back into bad habits for several reasons. My friend Sarita joined WW as well, just last week, and it made me realize that I need to get back on track. So now I'm trying to get more serious about the program. Thankfully Sarita has my back on it this go round, and I think it will help.

I am an xbox 360 owner, and I plan on going into town tonight to pick up a kinect because my xbox is kinect ready, and zumba, and maybe one more workout game. I think if its a game that I can do in my own home I'll be more likely to actually workout. Plus I actually really do like zumba. I wonder if they make a yoga one for xbox kinect? I like yoga too, and have a mat somewhere lol.

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