Thursday, February 23, 2012

I sit here slightly disappointed today. This was to be the day that our blog party started, but I've only had 2 people respond to my posts about doing the party. Maybe it wasn't time to have a party here at the blog, maybe I timed it badly, however it does bother me just a little that only 2 people were even interested in doing a back to basics blog party. That's okay though, because while I'm back on a seekers path, I've decided I'm interested in Voodoo/Hoodoo, so I'll be studying more again. I'll share my journey with you guys as always, and I hope you guys stick around.

I've had no more sales on my Etsy shop too. That just means I won't spend any more on supplies until I make some money back on what I already have there. No sense in filling the shop with stuff that no one wants. That breaks my heart, because I truly enjoy making these things, and I truly enjoy it when people show interest in them. I will be featured in a giveaway at some point in time, which I truly look forward to. I sincerely hope everyone is doing well. I need to make the rounds again and catch back up, as always.

I've finally got electricity at my home, like I've told you guys before. Now I have TV, but I still need to call and have the internet installed. I'm just waiting to get the money together because I know they will have a lot of things they will need to install. The only internet my home ever had was through Clearwire, and I loved their service, however they don't come out to Whiteface, so I had to let them go. That saddened me as well, because now the only place that offers internet here is Windstream, and I'm a girl that loves my options. I hate having options taken away from me, and now I'm down to I can choose to have internet through the one company that offers it in this town, or I can do without, and you know me my dear friends, I can't do without internet for very long.

So while waiting for the money to have internet installed at my house I'm using Mom's internet during the day. I find that I love researching as much as I can on things, and when I sit down to write a post here I'm always interrupted by one thing or another. Easier to wait and get totally serious with my blogging once I have the freedom of an internet connection in my personal home. So, yeah, those are the things going on right now :D Hope the rest of you are doing well.

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