Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review: The Good Energy Book

Image I promised you guys a book review, and here it is! First, please let me say that the good people over at Llewellyn publishing gave me this book in exchange for a review. I am not obliged to write a good review, just a review. Now, on to the fun stuff! 

The Good Energy Book: Creating Harmony and Balance For Yourself and Your Home by Tess Whitehurst is a terrific book. With that being said, I feel as if Ms. Whitehurst relied more heavily on energy for your home than yourself in this book, which is slightly disappointing, because she goes over almost all that in her book Magical Housekeeping. However, she does give some very awesome techniques for clearing yourself, and doing energy healing on yourself, which in turn can be used on other; it's just disappointingly buried under all the magical housekeeping discussed in this book. 

The chapter on personal hygiene (energetically speaking) has some awesome tips, and are wonderful to work with. And she does have amazing tips on clearing the energy in your home, and creating harmony in the home. I personally found new clearing techniques I'd never used before and tried one of them (The Rainbow Woman clearing) and I'll be 100% honest, my house felt like a totally new home! The walls even looked different! So, all in all, this book is pretty good. If you're looking for something more focused on personal energy, and creating personal harmony, healing, and balance, this book is a good starting point, but if you're like me and already new some of the basics and was looking for something deeper, look elsewhere. 

However, please don't mistake my disappointment in this book as disapproval. I actually really enjoyed this book while reading it, and now that I've done my review I plan on reading it again to work on some of the exercises in it. This book does touch on very useful things, and things I'd personally never heard of until I read this book. So, while I was disappointed because I expected to find a book about personal energy work, and not just a couple chapters, this is a good book to have around and would make a good basis for starting out on home clearing and personal energetic balance. So all in all I give this book 3.5 stars, but I do suggest reading it, just don't expect too much work on yourself.

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