Saturday, March 17, 2012


In the Witchcraft world you'll hear a lot about balance. Balance within yourself, balance in nature, finding your balancing, maintaining your balance. But I'd like to talk about a balance that a lot of us tend to overlook, me included.

Most of us in the Pagan tradition, especially if we came from a Christian background, are happy to find a religion that has both a male God, and a female Goddess. We're drawn to that because we don't like the idea of an all powerful male God and no Goddess, because we see in all of life that there are both male and female. However, a lot of us are guilty of almost completely ignoring the God. We tend to focus more on the Goddess and either push the God to the side, or forget about him completely.

I, personally, am very guilty of this. This time of year, with Spring coming represents the rebirth of the God in his masculine form, and we are reminded more of him, because the sun is stronger this time of year, and the sun is the biggest symbol of the God. However, this year my challenge to myself and to you is to find a balance between honoring the Goddess, and the God. Both are equally worthy of honor. This Spring, while celebrating Mother Earth, let's also celebrate the God of nature as well.

Try meditating and finding the version of the nature God that most calls to you. When you find that version, do your best to find a way to balance your worship to include both the Goddess and the God. Feel the wild masculine energy that the nature God has to offer, revel in it, and feel the earthy, grounding energy of the Goddess, and wrap it around you. Pray to both and thank them for their many blessings, leave offerings for both. And if it helps you to keep your balance set up an altar honoring both God and Goddess. Find images of both that call to you and set them on the altar, maybe with a white candle (white is technically a combination of all the colors so it represents anything you would like) that would work well to remind you of the balance. Or use white and black, or green and gold, or silver and gold candles. Add pine cones to represent the God and flowers to represent the Goddess, or whatever else reminds you of Them. In this way, you'll be able to find a wonderful balance and see it everyday on your altar.


  1. Great post! I myself am probably pretty balanced when it comes to the God and Goddess (Mother and Father, as I call them) and more or less always talk/pray/give attention to both. But I found it extremely interesting what you said about the God being stronger this time of year... Because for the last few weeks I've found it harder to connect with Mother while Father has felt increasingly close. This has confused me, since I always associated spring with Mother, but what you said surely makes sense... so thank you, this helped me a lot!

  2. Ditto on Great Post! (new reader - hi!) I get so frustrated coming up against people who are all about resurrecting the Goddess for the sake of sticking it to the patriarchy. But swinging the pendulum all the way to the other side gets you nowhere - in fact it gets you to the same spot as the people you're putting down. Mum. needs the other half of her whole! Special devotions to either are wonderful, but please please don't ignore Dad! ^_^

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