Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today's post is just a quick update on things going on around here. I have my final state test to take on the 15th of this month! Once I pass that, all I have to do is basically wait for my license, then I can start working! I'm a little nervous and excited. Not about the test, but about actually working. I know I know my stuff, but I always seem to get nervous before working with a client, especially when doing artificial nail services. So hopefully things will go well once I start working.

On another note, I feel like things have gone stagnant here at the blog, so I have a plan... Ready for it? While I wanted to do the Ask Willow thing, and probably still will, I'm also thinking about starting out by posting beginner information. That way I'm reteaching myself, and helping out seekers as well :D This is not a party like the last one I wanted to do, but I will be working with the same things I had outlined. So, I hope you guys will tune in, and read along! I will start posting these new topics on Monday, and of course, you guys are more than welcome to leave comments, or post your opinions on your blogs and leave a link! Hope to see you all tomorrow! Bright blessings!

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