Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tell Me Your Opinions

Hello my darlings! As you guys know, I run a shop called Pagan Fancies on Etsy. I'd like to get the word out a little more about my shop, so I've been considering doing a giveaway. How would you guys feel about something like that? Would y'all be interested in a little giveaway for a necklace or maybe a keychain? Let me know your opinions, so that way I can get it all planned out!


  1. Giveaways are always fun ~ and can generate some nice activity for your blog and shop!

  2. I'd be happy with that. ;)

    And you may want to check out Domestic Witch's blog if you haven't already. She's going to host an Etsy party thing soon.

  3. Yeah, I emailed her, and I haven't heard back from her at all...