Friday, January 20, 2012

Do You Wanna Party?!

Ok guys, I've moved into my new bloggy home, and have settled in nicely, now it's time ... Time for a party! I was working on my BOS pages, and I got to thinking. In the past when I was creating a new BOS I had all kinds of things to fill my pages with. I sat down and started trying to write SOMETHING on the first page of my BOS, and nothing came to mind! I realized I've been out of things so much, I don't even remember some of my favorite spells that I used to be able to remember at the drop of a hat! I used to write spells in my sleep, and I couldn't even bring myself to write a simple spell! So the party is born.

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This blog party will be called Back to Basics, and you guessed it! We'll be going back to square one basics and building up to advanced things. I don't mean that we're going to start our seeker studies all over again, but I do plan to do a brush up thing of all basics. Now, this is what I would like from you guys ... I would love to have guest posts talking about a number of things. If you're interested in doing a guest post please click the CONTACT ME image in the sidebar and send me an email telling me you're interested, and I'll send you guys an outline of the party so you can tell me what you might be interested in writing about.

To give me time to get things together and organized, I will be starting the party on February 23. Everyone who would like to participate should be signed up with me by no later than February 20. I won't be doing daily giveaways, however at the end of the blog party I will hold a drawing of 3 names. The first winner will get to collab with me on creating their own personal BOS pages, the other 2 winners will receive their choice of any of my BOS pages available at Pagan Fancies for free! I'm creating new BOS pages everyday, and am currently trying to create a full 10 pages for one design to be offered as a full BOS!

So does this sound interesting to you guys? If so, please sign up with the inlinkz Linky below. Everyone participating, whether you're only displaying the button and reading along, or you're a guest poster, will get a link displayed under the Party Participants page! I look forward to partying with you guys!


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