Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged in this new game by Rachel over at What a Witch Has to Say. Click here to find out what all's going on! Here's the rules to this game:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you have tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!

So here we go!

My 11 random things about me:

1. I have a passion for pit bulls, and am a pit advocate.

2. I am enchanted with the idea of a vegetarian lifestyle, but love the taste of beef so much I don't think I cold change.

3. I am an active Johnny Depp fan, and try to find older movies of his that I haven't seen before.

4. I am learning to love sewing! I've always loved the idea of sewing, just have always been terrified of sewing machines until I found my miniature sewing machine.

5. I have a huge passion for super fast cars, like drag racing and such; despite the fact that they are not good for our planet.

6. I have a major black thumb, and I constantly fight against that, and am always trying to grow herbs and other plants.

7. When I graduated high school, Mom asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and I promptly told her I was going to be a beach bum living on the beach in Hawaii.

8. I have not had a romantic relationship last longer than 4 months.

9. I am currently in the process of doing dreadlocks in my hair.

10. I hate cleaning, and I usually only cook for other people. If I need to eat, popping something in the microwave works just fine.

11. I have recently learned that I love to make jewelry!

The 11 questions I need to answer:

1. What is your favorite family activity? I love when we have family game night, playing dominoes or cards. It seems to make us all feel very connected.

2. What is your least favorite holiday? Yule, and I don't really know why ... there's just something about the holiday that makes me cranky.

3. Where was your favorite family vacation that everyone enjoyed? I've not been on very many family vacations with my mom, little brother, and dad, but of the two that I remember, the one that everyone actually enjoyed was our trip to Ruidoso, NM. We stopped through Roswell which was really cool, and I loved all the small shops and such in Ruidoso. The other one we went to Colorado, which was absolutely beautiful, but it was marred by the fact that Dad kept getting lost and screaming at everyone to shut the eff up.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Um ... I'm not sure on this one ... Maybe Australia?

5. If you were able to do one extreme thing what would it be? I started to learn to surf in Hawaii when I was 9, and now that I'm older, that would be one thing I would love to do, just once.

6. If you won the lottery and had multi-millions, would you continue to work? Yep, but only because I get bored when I have nothing to do, and because I love my job as a nail technician/manicurist.

7. If money were no object, where would you take your significant other? Well, I don't have a significant other, but like all females I have planned out my honeymoon, and I can't decide if I would like to go to Jamaica, Australia, or Paris.

8. If you could go back and re-do one action in your life, would you? Nope. There was a time when I thought I had a few things I would change, but as I've aged, I've realized that every action, every situation I found myself in, made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change anything.

9. What ancient, man-made structure would you like to visit? Um ... Stonehenge. I can't remember if it is man-made or not, but that's what I want to see!

10. Who is your favorite author? There's this awesome blogger called Willow Silverhorse (oh wait that's me!) lol JK! In all honesty, I don't have a favorite author. There are too many good ones to choose just one!

11. Which do you prefer, werewolves or vampires (not a Jacob vs. Edward question)? I like both werewolves and vampires, but I think my favorite would be vampires.

Okay, there's my answers :D

Now here's the questions for my tagged friends: 

1. What is one hairstyle you've always wanted to try but have stopped yourself for one reason or another, be it a different hair color, extensions, whatever?

2. What is your ideal pet, whether real, or mythical?

3. What is your favorite kind of foreign food?

4. What is your favorite herb?

5. Have you ever played a musical instrument of any kind (and that includes playing jugs, spoons, chimes, etc.)?

6. Do you have a book of shadows, and if so, what is it, such as spiral bound notebook, 3-ring binder, leather bound, etc.?

7. What is your favorite spell, if any?

8. The most positive memorable moment of your life, thus far?

9. What is your favorite movie of all time?

10. Do you have a favorite Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy book? If so, what is it?

11. Do you have, or have you ever made, a witches' bottle?

And now the bloggers I have tagged:

Magaly Guerrero of Pagan Culture

Sarita Rucker of A College Girl's Days

Aurora Brierley of The Witch Inside

Dragonfly of Witchery Grove

Serenity Raven of The Domestic Pagan

Aine of The Deepest Well

Deb at Charmed I'm Sure

Domestic Witch of Domestic Witch

Ellie of The Forgotten Muse

Mrs. B of Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

Dana Wright of On The Broomstick

Thanks in advance to everyone who plays! I'd love to see what you guys say, so if you wouldn't mind leaving me a link to your response that would be super!


  1. I love the fact that you wouldn't change anything about your past; I wouldn't either. The things we did, the people we met (even the less than nice ones) make us who we are, don't they?

    I shall answer my questions soon, dear one!

  2. Definitely true Magaly! Can't wait to read yours! Thanks for playing along :D

  3. I love the fact you won't change anything as well, I'm in agreement with you that everything that's in the past both good and bad makes us the person we are today, OK I may be a be wacky but I'm happy enough.

    Stonehenge is man made.

    I'll answer your questions sometime this week ducky.

  4. Thanks :D and it's always best to be wacky and happy I call it wacky happy :D

  5. I guess you've seen the 'tag' posts going around, I've tagged you, but I see you've already participated! Fun huh? I thought it was a great way to get to know some of the other bloggers! In fact, I really wanted to send Magaly one, but knew she'd already been invited... can't wait to read hers either!


  6. Lol thanks for the extra tag Kourtney!

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