Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crafts As a Form of Magick

Hello my beautiful readers! I've been working on all kinds of crafts. I'm loving my jewelry making, it's so therapeutic. I come from a family where I would show everyone something expensive I wanted, and the answer was always "We can make that instead of spending that much money it on!" When I was a kid, I took that for granted. As a cocky youth, I figured it was just because we were cheap and couldn't afford it, and we couldn't be as "cool" as the people that did buy it. Now that I'm older and understand how things work, I realize that was a horrid way of looking at things. Sometime in my teens, I realized how wonderful it was to have a family that could make things, instead of just running to the store and buying them.

However, even the cocky youth attitude didn't count for Gram. She made almost anything you could think of: soap, book bags, over night bags, jeans, shirts, she helped with making cowboy boots (which my granddad hand makes in his shop at the house), all sorts of foods, and anything under the sun! The reason the cocky youth attitude didn't count towards Gram was because that was our way of bonding. When I would spend my vacations with her, we always had some sort of craft going on. Whether we were restoring something we'd found discarded, picking out "retro" western shirts I couldn't live without, painting wall paper, sewing, embroidering, soap making, or whatever, I always looked forward to when we would start doing something crafty. There's something to be said about looking at a finished product and thinking "Holy crap, I made that!!!" The pride that comes with it is almost addicting!

Today, crafts are my therapy, and my way of finding myself. Anything that you put energy into, such as the energy of gathering your supplies, cutting, sewing, mixing, pouring, whatever, adds a bit of personal magick to everything. Anything that you've put that much energy into will always hold a piece of you, and a piece of whatever intention you had when you made it. Whether you're making jewelry to sell, or a mojo bag for yourself, everything that you put intent in, can be considered magick. Consider, while you're making that necklace to sell on your Etsy store, putting the intent for it to sell quickly, or for it to bring happiness to it's new owner. These are all just little bits of magick that you can infuse into your crafts. While it's little bits of magick, it is powerful magick nonetheless.


  1. Yes! I have always felt better when I am crafting in some way. Whenever I have felt out of touch with the world, depressed, sad, disconnected, I found my self again through creativity and crafts. I am not an artist, but I create arts and crafts just because I have to.

  2. Same here Aine. There's just something about crafting that is so grounding!

  3. This is what I love about blog hopping! You see things from a different perspective! I'm rather crafty myself. Growing up with a mother who never looked at a craft and thought 'I can't do that', she quilted, painted, did all sort of needle point, made clothes etc... and now today I do a lot of crafts on my own, beading, crocheting, quilting, glass etching... in fact that's on my list of to-do's today. But I had never thought about the magic we put into it. But you are so right! We absolutely do. Even winner making a meal for our family, even if its just macaroni and cheese... our intent is poured into it and there is no better definition for it! Thank you for opening my eyes to that!

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  4. Thanks Kourtney! And thanks so much for stopping by! I'll check out your link in just a second! :D

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